How Valuable is Random Knowledge?

“It has never been less valuable to be smart about information than it is today.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

For the last several months among my duties as a father to our 10-year-old daughter as been being the homework helper.  Every night, Monday through Thursday, my daughter and I plow our way through her 5th-grade homework.  Since our daughter is significantly impacted by Autism the challenge is magnified for us, but, any parent will have stories of the challenges of getting a child to focus on and care about their homework.  We are far from unique even with our additional challenge. Continue reading “How Valuable is Random Knowledge?”

Remembering “Amazingly Close”

I am a man of a certain age that has been enjoying, maybe a little too much, the flood of “look backs” being posted on the 30th anniversary of the launch of Macintosh.  I was a full blown tech geek by the time Steve Jobs unveiled his little wonder in 1984.  I was also a full blown graphic arts geek so seeing a machine that tried so hard to bring those two worlds so closely in line with one another was very exciting. Continue reading “Remembering “Amazingly Close””

Marketing to Your Audience Where They Live

I ran across Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest Slideshare deck on using social media as a marketing tool. Here are a few thoughts on why I think it is important and how we can use these concepts to move our own marketing programs forward using the numerous online tools at our disposal.

First, it is important to remember that the marketing of any product must always come after I’ve done everything I can to be sure that the product is as valuable as possible to the intended audience.  It is a mistake I often catch myself making. How I market content is of little worth if I am successful in gaining your attention but disappoint you with the end result. Continue reading “Marketing to Your Audience Where They Live”