About Mike Nally


How did I end up a photographer?

I first stepped into a darkroom at the age of 7 years old. Dad was learning the art of black and white photography for college credit and allowed me to learn along with him. He moved on to golf a few months later but I fell in love with the art and science of it all. Now nearly 40 years removed from those early days I’m still in love with it all even if the science has evolved from chemical to digital. My images may not be the finest or most technically perfect you will see but they make me happy and that is enough. Thanks for taking a look at what Dad taught me to do so many years ago.

My focus

My first love is still black and white landscapes. I don’t want to go Ansel Adams here, but, who hasn’t been influenced by some of his work? Practically I don’t just shoot landscapes as my portfolio clearly shows. Small subjects, architectural photography, even a little wildlife gets my eye from time to time. The area I shy away from is portraiture. Primarily because I love making my images first for myself I just have never gravitated towards taking pictures of people.

Playing in my digital darkroom

At the same time I was growing up in love with photography I was growing up with a love for this new thing called the personal computer. I was there when the first Apple computers rolled out and I had a trusty Commodore 64 humming away in my bedroom for years. When those two passions began to come together for the home enthusiast I was right there as well. I was “there” so much that after college I ended up putting my Political Science degree up on the wall and turning towards working for a digital printing lab. A career choice that lasted for nearly 13 years before I decided to start working for myself.

Who do I shoot my photographs for?

I hinted at this earlier but my images are made first and foremost for myself. I certainly love sharing them here on the Internet and in other ways as well, but I really do not like having to take my pictures in order to please someone else first. Yes, I look for feedback both positive and negative and I do use that feedback to improve and grow as a photographer. And, yes, there are places on the Internet that I do make some of my images available to licensing and for sale. But I shoot to make myself happy first. Which is probably why at this point I don’t make my living selling images.

What else do I do besides sit here at my computer?

If the weather is right, and the crowds are right, my family and I love to run down to Orlando and spend the day in one of the Disney parks. My wife Nancy and I were married at Disney World and we have been in love with Disney ever since. When our daughter joined the family a decade ago it was only weeks before she got her first taste of the Disney magic we both had loved for years.

Beyond that I love just heading down to the beach for the day. Maybe I’ll dust off the clubs for a few rounds of golf each year. And if it’s a Fall Sunday I’ll probably be in front of a television somewhere watching my beloved Detroit Lions drive me crazy yet again.

Support for Autism

When we discovered that our family had been effected by autism in 2006  I naturally became passionate about finding ways of not just reaching out for help but to find ways of returning that help whenever possible. One of the great events each year that our daughter simply loves to participate in is our local Surfers For Autism event. Just an amazing group of people doing so much good.

Thank you

I’m always thankful that anyone appreciates my work. That you stopped by this website and took the time to read all the way down to this point on the page is truly humbling. I’ll just leave you with this: I have not lead a perfect life. I have had my ups and downs. I’ve made some big mistakes and have had some amazing successes. I’ve been places I’ve never expected to be and have gotten support from some amazing people along the way. I love the past only because it now informs my present so completely that I now feel better prepared to move forward. A bit much? Maybe, but, I like to keep my eyes focused forward. Thanks for joining me.