Shoot the Moon


Super Moon

The press is abuzz with coverage of tonight’s Super Moon.  Our area forecast made it clear that our skies are not likely to be, um, clear tonight. If I wanted a shot of our moon it was going to have to be last night.

I didn’t expect to be able to get much last night either. At moonrise, we already had low-level clouds and some haze in the air. Folks close by were posting some fun shots but mostly with just hints of the moon shining through the atmosphere. I had decided it wasn’t going to happen for me. After a quick check I confirmed the clouds and went back to other things.

Let’s Check Again

Around 8:30pm I decided to grab out inexpensive super-zoom point-and-shoot, head into the backyard, and see if there was anything to see. And, lo and behold, there was the moon! It was already about half way up into the sky shining through some pine trees. With no tripod, and really no plan, I decided to zoom this crazy camera in as far as it would go, set the exposure, and see what happened.

I took four exposures and headed back inside. To say I got more than I expected would be an understatement.

Due to handholding, the exposure, and the generally inferior quality of the lens and sensor, it isn’t exactly one for the front page of a science journal. I was still impressed. Yes, there is noise. It took some real work in Lightroom to get the image looking as well as it does. In the end I had fun. Isn’t that what an evening looking up at the moon should be about?