Pavilion Falls

Working from the archives again I came across this image from April 2010. Being part of the Canadian Epcot Pavilion I’m sure millions of images like this one are out there. So I decided to push and pull on it to see how I could try to make it somewhat unique.

While I enjoy it for the contrast and the subject it has reminded me, one again, that if you think you will be taking pictures of moving water it will be worth it to carry a tripod with you. I sure wish that water was softer. Otherwise, I like it. Not a portfolio piece but nice.

Shoot the Moon


Super Moon

The press is abuzz with coverage of tonight’s Super Moon.  Our area forecast made it clear that our skies are not likely to be, um, clear tonight. If I wanted a shot of our moon it was going to have to be last night.

I didn’t expect to be able to get much last night either. At moonrise, we already had low-level clouds and some haze in the air. Folks close by were posting some fun shots but mostly with just hints of the moon shining through the atmosphere. I had decided it wasn’t going to happen for me. After a quick check I confirmed the clouds and went back to other things. Continue reading “Shoot the Moon”